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Booking software is powered by a third-party systems. You will be taken to Vagaro to book clinical Massage and Structural Integration. You will be taken to Jane to book Physical Therapy. We look forward to seeing you!





All Practitioners are Vaccinated/Boosted.  

Colds: Please reschedule if you are within three days of new cold symptoms. You will be asked to wear a mask or to reschedule if cold symptoms are active. The good health and safety of providerd and clients is our first priority. Receiving bodywork within the first few days of new cold symptoms while pregnant is not advised. To avoid health risks, rescheduling and a late cancellation fee- Please cancel using the link on your appointment reminder or confirmation email. Cancellations via voicemail or text may not be received before the 24 hour cancellation fee window- cancel in your Vagaro profile or the links in your text or email notifications. 



Patient privacy requires that all NEW CLIENTS create a personal profile to begin booking appointments. Once a personal profile is created practitioners can assist with scheduling or subsequent bookings. 

If you require assistance with booking any Massage or Structural Integration sessions, first create a profile, then email or text 720.908.0491 with your booking request.

High-Risk Massage, Labor Encouragement, Breech Release or Pre-ECV: TEXT 720.908.0491 or email directly: Regina@HerHarmony.Health

If you require assistance with booking Physical Therapy with Terri Nishimoto email:

 No Appointment Availability

  • Change the session duration search. The next earliest availability may a session 15-minutes longer or shorter than your search.
  • Add yourself to the waitlist. The waitlist is reviewed often throughout the day. The waitlist allows you to select your availability for morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Change search day for provider. Double check search location.                                                                        NOTE: Massage appointments can be adjusted by up to 30 minutes! The online booking system is not perfect. Appointments made in the middle of 2 available sessions or gaps required manual adjustments. You will be notified by the booking system if your appointment is adjusted. Carefully read appointment notifications and reminders so we all stay on schedule.


Gift Certificates & Credit Cards

  • Credit cards are never charged in advance of sessions and can be changed at check-out
  • Gift certificates are applied at the end of services. Cards on file will not be charged.
  • Most businesses charge for late cancellations and no-shows. Check with your provider for details on this amount.

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Parking: There are a few parking options. There's free uncovered parking in our building lot. Directly across the street on Downing/Harvard is an uncovered parking lot (they do not tow). There's also unmetered street parking on Downing. 

2480 S. Downing St. #209 Denver, CO 80210.

Her Harmony Health

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2480 S. Downing St #209 Denver, CO 80210

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