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To create a safe, inclusive women-centered health community where providers and women work together to unlock her body’s inherent ability to stabilize, repair and strengthen.


Partners in Your Health


Our community is women-centered and family-friendly. partners, spouses and children are always welcome, and where applicable are also treated.


Experienced in pelvic health, manual lymphatic drainage, functional dry needling

Our Story

Established in 1995 as Birth Dance my practice was born out of a love (and specialized training) for supporting women during the reproductive years. After 15 years of birthwork and clinical practice in women-centered massage I evolved the growing practice into Women’s Integrative Massage and founded Harmony’s Family Cooperative, Denver’s only Women’s Health Cooperative supporting women in all life stages. Nearly three decades later I remain fiercly passionate about resolving pain in pregnant bodies and also using bodywork in ways that create space, balance and movement that can lead to improved childbirth outcomes. Also through intergrative bodywork educating women on how the multiple intellegent systems in their bodies coordinate to support vitality and whole-body health. In 2022 I merged Women’s Integrative Massage and Harmony’s Family Cooperative to create Her Harmony Health -A women-centered integrative bodywork and physical therapy practice where the whole women (identifying cis female, they/them/their assigned female at birth (AFAB) or she/her/hers) is seen and heard, at all life stages.  The journey of learning, understanding and using integrative bodywork techniques to support the inherent health within has been a lifelong labor of love for me. Using the techniques in ways that bring relief, hope, repair and health to agonizing conditions, traumas, injuries and illnesses that are specific to being an embodied women -gives me immense joy and purpose. Women are Phenomenal. And they deserve equally phenomenal care. I’m humbled that my story would not be possible without the lovely people who shared their stories with me and let me walk, laugh and cry with them on their journey. I am so thankful for their generous openness, courage and trust. I’m also grateful to the many trainers, mentors, seekers, peers and supporters in kind who’ve showed me how to move the work forward. I continue to move forward with the generous support of others and greet the new people, challenges and triumps with all in mind and heart.  This is our story- and peace to all who enter this space.  


We think women are phenomenal. And we can’t wait to hear your story.

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Parking: There are a few parking options. There's free uncovered parking in our building lot. Directly across the street on Downing/Harvard is an uncovered parking lot (they do not tow). There's also unmetered street parking on Downing. 

2480 S. Downing St. #209 Denver, CO 80210.

Her Harmony Health

Her Harmony Health


2480 S. Downing St #209 Denver, CO 80210


Phone: 720-908-0491
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