Happy New Year! Can we take a collective deep breath here? Ahhhhhhhhh. Wow, that feels good. It feels like a release of some of that pressure that builds up inside. The holidays can be joyous but challenging too. So much to do and be. Now it’s a new year and hopefully we have some space to just breath. Release some of that pressure. Oh wait… resolutions.
Ah, resolutions. Good reminders for self-improvement. Though nowadays it seems like “challenges” are replacing simple resolutions. We can’t go online without seeing a New Year’s fitness, weight loss or nutrition challenge of one sort or another. And they do offer some helpful tools; there’s typically a timeline, a community of like-minded people and a plan to follow. But we’re going to make a suggestion. Let’s take a step back and first just start making the habit to spend time on what fills us. Maybe just to breathe.
This makes sense for a few reasons. First, jumping from depleted to full exertion doesn’t leave you anytime to fill up your reserves. It’s like trying to go from 0 to 60 with no gas in the tank. Second, making a sudden change to your lifestyle sets you up for failure. Success is found by taking all the little steps to our goals, not by trying to skip to the finish line. And finally, winter is a natural time for reflection. We find health and balance by living in tune with the seasons. Winter is our time to look inside and listen; to make well thought-out plans for our future.
So let’s challenge ourselves with making time for the things that make us feel whole, enriched, balanced and happy. Once we’ve made a habit of creating that time for ourselves, we’ll have the space and energy to take the next step in self-improvement. This week, we’re just going to take a few minutes to sit and breathe. What will you do?