Part of the bones of our existence as a women’s health cooperative is that we are advocates for women. We understand that the health of an entire household is effected by the health of the woman (or women) inside it. We know that when women lift each other up they are stronger and more effective in moving our humanity forward. We are more powerful, more influential in our many roles when we come together.
That is why we were so honored to be a part of the Women’s March on Denver this past weekend. We attended as advocates for women. We were peaceful, but we were loud. We were relatively few, but felt the richness of becoming many. We were there for ourselves, as women and men, and also for the kids and partners that we brought. We were there for YOU.

For all of you amazing women who allow us to be part of your journey in health. Who teach us and expose us to new things that make us better at what we do. And those of you we have not yet met. Whose stories we hope to hear and learn from so that we can represent you not just in spirit but as an advocate for your personal path.
We were inspired by the millions of people who gathered in support of women. And by the women who brought millions together to support all human rights. Because we too believe that standing up for yourself means bringing others up with you. So that all of humanity is strong.
In sisterhood, we invite you to stand up in any way you can and know you are supported by us. We can’t wait to hear those stories!